15" x 54" centers geared head engine lathe:

swing over bed - 15-1/2"

Swing over cross slide 9"

distance between center - 54"

spindle bore - 1-17/32"

Spindle mount - L-o

spindle speeds (12) - 45 to 1800 RPM

Tailstock taper - No. 3 mt
main motor - 7.5 HP 220V/440V

weight - 3400 lbs. (approx.)

includes: 3-jaw chuck, threading dial, motorized flood coolant system, hardened and ground bed ways.

New 1974


Lathes, all types:

FORTUNE (VICTOR) 20" x 80" centers geared head engine lathe as follows:

Swing over bed ways - 20"

Distance between centers - 80"

Number of spindle speeds - 16

Hole through spindle - 2"

Spindle nose - D1-6 camlock

Inch/metric threading

Main Motor - 7.5 HP

Includes: 3-J universal chuck with 2-piece reversible top jaws, 4-jaw independent chuck with solid jaws,   taper attachment, steady rest, quick change tool post, chip pans, New 1990 


NARDINI 14" x 40" centers lathe

model ms140 s as follows:

Swing over bed ways -14"

swing in gap - 19-3/4"

swing over cross slide - 7-7/8"

distance between centers - 40'

Cross slide travel 7-11/16"

Spindle bore - 1-21/32"

Spindle nose - D1-5 cam-lock

Number of spindle speeds - 9

range of speeds - 50 - 2000 RPM

Tailstock taper - No. 3 MT

Inch/Metric threading - Yes

Main motor - 5 HP 220-3-60 AC

Machine includes 3-Jaw chuck with 2-piece reversible hard top jaws, 4-way turret tool post, coolant, full length rear guard, and misc. tooling. The machine has been out of serive for over ten years and is in very good condition.

new in 1985


We will offer the machine as-is, prior to selling a component. The machine came to us missing the entire end gear train (plate, seals, bearings gears, pulleys, brake mechanism, and belts. We feel it is not economical to repair the machine. However, we will sell the machine for $1800.00

LeBLOND 15" x 54" engine lathe, new 1983, Parting out this bearutiful machine:

Machine serial number 13C---

Headstock parts:

Brake drive shaft, including gears -less brake mechanism and bearings


Inter shaft, including gears - less bearings


high speed shaft, with gear - less bearings


Spindle, L-1 mount, 2-17/65", with gears, less bearings


Feed, inter feed shaft , with gear, less bearings


Feed, feed shaft, with gears - less bearings and outboard gear


Universal quick change feed/thread box, less end gear train gearing


Carriage, with taper attachment,  cross feed screw and taper bed clamp


Taper attachment with cross feed screw, less dial


Apron, complete with control knob linkage and threading dial


Tailstock, complete with clamp plate and hardware, #4 MT


chip pan with coolant screen


MAIN motor, 7-1/2 HP 230/460/3/60 AC


hydraulic pump for servo shift, 230/460/3/60 AC complete, less hoses


Bed ways (shears) 80-1/2" length