Welcome to our website.  we hope that this information will help you select a machinery dealer that you would like to work with for

many years to come.  As beneficial as a website can be, we have been fortunate to have many of our existing customers refer new

customers to us.  whether a prospect has purchased a machine from us or not, we have always tried to provide the best information

so they can make a good decision.

Since we have done this for so many years, we have built-up a group of people that we rely on for different services.  companies that

can professionally do  Machine repair, electrical control service, rigging, and heavy hauling are just a few of the areas that we will

gladly refer you to when the need arises.

We are always interested in purchasing equipment.  Single machines located within 300 miles is our main emphasis.

we also take machines on consignment.

Another option is a brokerage arrangement.  In this situation, we would sell the machine from your facility.